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After your Tattoo session has finished, The Artist will wrap the area in a protective barrier (Dermalize Pro), to prevent any dirt or Bacteria going onto your new Tattoo. Please try to keep the Dermalize Pro on for 48 hours.

After 48hrs, with clean hands, remove the Dermalize Pro. Gently lather the tattoo with antibacterial soap and warm water in a circular motion. This will remove all excess ink, blood and plasma build up. Pat dry with a clean sheet of kitchen roll. then allow to air dry. Apply a small amount of ointment covering the whole tattoo. Avoid any tight clothing 

If the area was cling filmed, remove after 5 hrs, follow the cleaning process, then apply some ointment/new clingfilm before going to bed. In the morning continue the cleaning process again and only clingfilm another day if you really need to, changing every 5 hrs.

Continue using the Ointment twice a day for 7-10 days. Then switch to and apply a layer of Palmers Cocoa Butter daily to keep the tattoo vibrant, as long as needed.

  • DO NOT soak the tattoo in the bath 

  • DO NOT CLINGFILM after/again as the tattoo/skin needs to breathe

  • DO NOT pick or scratch it as it could remove some of the pigment (just tap the area)

  • DO NOT Expose the tattoo to sun

  • DO NOT Go swimming, Sauna, Tanning

  • DO NOT Work out/Sweat excessively

  • PLEASE DO enjoy your new tattoo and leave us an honest Google Review.

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 The Whole process should take around 14 days to heal, up to 6 weeks to fully heal. The tattoo may appear red/swollen for the first couple of days, do not worry as this is normal, just keep following the aftercare. You may have some light scabbing, which may leave the area patchy. Re-apply another small amount of Ointment.